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Too many Americans retire without enough savings, run short of money for major life decisions, or leave loved ones financially vulnerable. With Pacific Advisors, you'll devote your career to work that truly matters: helping people overcome these hurdles and guiding them toward greater financial stability.


You’re the kind of person that people come to when they need something done right. People know they can count on you to do what you say, and you often find people coming to you for insight and help. People know they can trust you. Whether working for a client, colleague, or friend, you love the idea of doing something that makes a difference in people’s lives. You’re looking for the opportunity to prove that you’re a top performer while also being a team contributor. You feel right at home in conversations with others and people enjoy being around you. For you, learning how to be good at what you do isn’t a chore, but rather an opportunity to be better at helping yourself and others. You take responsibility for your own success. From direct experience, you know how to overcome challenges and obstacles. You take pride in a job well-done. You take every opportunity to learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them.


Helping people financially produce and support a good life for the rest of their lives. At Pacific Advisors, we know that a good life is enjoyed one moment at a time. While a good life may look different to each of us, the opportunity to live a good life well into the future requires uncommon care and steadfast commitment.


Success is seldom a solo act. Rather, success requires a team and a community. In a world where people struggle to feel confident in their financial future, we see an opportunity to produce a Path of ConfidenceTM for the individuals and families we serve. Now, more than ever, people seek leadership, vision, and guidance to put them on a financial Path of Confidence. None of this can happen without trusted relationships. Our advisors earn this trust every day. If you have a passion for life and want to make a significant difference in people’s lives, then a career at Pacific Advisors could be a great fit. You’ll be working with a diverse team with uniquely competitive capabilities. Our commitment to equal value, respect, and access to opportunities for all members of our team lets you succeed in your objectives.

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Unparalleled support & access to resources, education, and expertise

The Advisors Performance Group

The Advisors Performance Group

One case-at-a-time strategy and support.

What if you could spend more time doing only the productive things that helped clients and your career, and less time on the back office busy work?

With Pacific Advisors’ Advisor Performance Group (APG), you can. Our APG process is well-established by our top advisors and comes with personalized coaching, planning, and case preparation.

Whether clients are early in their career, already established professionals, or approaching retirement, the APG process moves clients seamlessly through each decision.

Exclusive Tools

Exclusive Tools

Help your clients get financially organized and make better decisions.

Many people take a compartmentalized approach to making financial decisions, treating each decision separately as if it had no effect on other areas of their finances; they don’t focus on the big picture.

The result? They end up with strategies at odds with one another and fail to create a positive overall impact.

We offer you The Living Balance Sheet® to help coordinate your client’s financial reports and stress test their financial decisions and strategies. Your client’s financial data is regularly updated from thousands of available linked accounts, so they always know where they stand. Perhaps even more valuable is the power to present narratives backed by beautifully illustrated, personalized charts and graphs that take complex ideas and make them easy to understand and act upon. The Living Balance Sheet® can help you get established with new clients and give you a solid approach to reaching out to existing clients.

<strong>The Guardian Network<sup>&#174;</sup></strong>

Experience what 150+ years of strength and innovation can do to propel your career. Guardian is committed to providing you with some of the best development, training, and tools available.

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Park Avenue Securities

The power of a top investment platform for whatever the market demands. As a Park Avenue Securities Financial Representative, you’ll have an entire team to help you with your investment business. 

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<strong>Annual Insights<sup>TM</sup></strong>

Financial analytics that drive profits, cash, and enterprise value for business owners. Bringing together personal and business insights to craft financial efficiencies and optimization.

Prepared by Fiscalyze

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<strong>EDGE Certification</strong>

Pacific Advisors is the first Financial Services Firm in California to be awarded the EDGE Certificate for corporate commitment to gender equality, including recruitment and promotion, company policy, leadership development opportunities, mentoring, flexibility, and company culture.

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