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Chau Lai

Financial Advisor

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Financial Strategies for Living a Good Life

Since 1997, Chau Lai, CFP®, ChFC® has established a career of working with highly compensated professionals and business owners to make sound personal and business financial decisions. Her comprehensive financial analysis and planning help address: retirement income planning, investment analysis, risk management strategies, cash flow analysis, business succession, tax efficient strategies and estate planning.

Chau particularly enjoys helping married couples to align their financial goals and priorities while clarifying and defining a shared Life Vision. Money and finance are difficult to discuss as a couple and can often become one of the most divisive issues of a marriage. By facilitating an environment for couples to enjoy learning about money and wealth together, Chau enables them to apply their learning to help them to produce meaningful outcomes which support their personal and professional goals.

Chau knows that strong personal and professional goal alignment is every bit as critical as choosing the right investment vehicles. She combines an extensive knowledge of sound financial strategies and products with a deep commitment to understanding her clients’ individual concerns. The result is an integrated approach to managing her clients’ finances over the course of their lives; during all stages of personal and business growth.


Chau is a founding member of the Doctors’ Advisory Council, a strategic collaboration of trusted specialists specifically designed to support the unique business and financial concerns of the medical and dental community. This has given Chau and her team a unique perspective of the concerns medical and dental professionals face every day in their careers, as well as balancing their good life at home. This is why more than 800 dental and medical professionals have entrusted Chau and her team with providing them with strategies for designing, building, and protecting for their professional and personal financial future.

Commitment to Education

To ensure her clients benefit from the latest advanced planning strategies, Chau and her team recurrently and relentlessly invest in their education. She personally has increased her capacity to provide superior help to clients by investing in hundreds of hours of ongoing financial planning education and business consulting. She earned her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designations in order to knowledgeably address clients’ financial and business planning concerns.

A History of Earned Success

Chau became involved in finance as an economics major at the University of California, San Diego. At age 17, on the advice of professors to “invest early,” she pooled her savings, put half under the management of an investment advisor, and invested the rest herself. Her disciplined saving and prudent investment strategy enabled her to purchase her first investment property at age 21 and her first home at 22. From these early, hands-on experiences, Chau learned important real-life lessons in building and preserving wealth.

Chau has built lasting relationships with satisfied clients and created strategic alliances with other financial professionals across the nation. Her financial planning practice has grown into a well-respected and admired family enterprise with sister, Alisa Le, by her side.

Community Connections: The Wealth Summit

Conversations about wealth and money are sometimes difficult. There is a lot of pressure to make the “right” decisions because our future, to a large extent, is riding on the decisions we make today. Nobody wants to make a mistake with their financial concerns, and sometimes it’s just easier to pass this responsibility to a financial professional. It’s easier, but not as powerful.

This is why Chau founded Wealth Summit. A community inclusive workshop-style event to help clients and their community of colleagues, friends, and family understand financial principles, concepts, and practices on a deeper level. Whether it be top athletes or successful professionals, the common thread is they all have is great advisors, coaches, and relationships that keep them engaged in powerful conversations and practices which will support them in the fulfillment of their life ambitions. Engaging in powerful conversations with your advisors is essential to a solid financial foundation. These events are locally organized and you can reach out to Chau and her team to learn more about how to host an event in your community.


A good life in any moment is simple to enjoy; a good life for the rest of our lives requires a plan.

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