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Christina Gonzalez


Financial Representative 

Phone: (425) 354-2907

Confidence Begins with

At Pacific Advisors, we help you get financially organized and make better-informed decisions and practices. You'll get a wide-angle view of your business, personal, and protected finances, allowing you to adapt as your circumstances and desires change.

We offer a web tool called the Living Balance Sheet®. This tool makes it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar you earn, so you can make decisions toward achieving improved financial balance.


Did you know that 58% of Americans have NOT calculated their retirement needs?

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At Pacific Advisors, we combine decades of collective knowledge and a time-tested process to help you and your family craft a plan of action for financially producing and supporting a good life for the rest of your life. We call this plan your Path of Confidence™.

At the end of the day, each of us is doing our best to live a good life. While money is no assurance of a good life, not having enough money for lifelong financial success certainly threatens a good life.



I grew up on the California coast in Steinbeck country. After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, I worked for Boeing testing rockets. Eventually, I decided to pursue personal design challenges that would be more immediately impactful to my community, and what could be more personal than finance?

With my team at Pacific Advisors, we are experienced at strategic financial design tailored for the individual person or business. With an engineering systems oriented approach, I work with clients to develop simple solutions to complex financial problems, including asset organization, protection and growth.

Whether you are a business owner with a significant estate, a student with debt in mind, a parent figuring out cash flow, or anywhere in between, finances matter. Maintaining quality of life, commitments to community, family support, and business legacies are complicated and important matters. We take the complex challenge of managing all the pieces, and deliver an actionable plan customized for your values and goals. We support you through development, implementation, and monitoring so that you feel confident and secure every step of the way.

When I’m not crunching numbers, you can find me on the dance floor, climbing rocks, hiking, or meditating in the Seattle area.

Christina Gonzalez CA Insurance License #4001178, is a Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ® (Guardian), New York, NY. Insurance products offered through One Pacific Financial & Insurance Solutions LLC, DBA of Pacific Advisors LLC. Pacific Advisors LLC is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian.