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Franklin Cooley III

Franklin Cooley III


Phone: (760) 994-6609

San Diego, CA


A good life in any moment is simple to enjoy; a good life for the rest of our lives requires a plan. We look forward to developing your Path of Confidence together.


Did you know that 58% of Americans have NOT calculated their retirement needs?

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For Business Owners, Executives, and Estate Planning

Optimizing the financial strategies of your business is one of the most powerful things you can do to secure life-long financial sufficiency and your legacy. We work with owners at all stages of the business lifecycle, from assisting the new business owner with establishing a sound financial foundation to helping ensure smooth business succession and transition into retirement.


About Franklin Cooley III 

Franklin’s purpose is to help you flourish by providing uncommon, trustworthy, and person-centered strategies about your financial circumstances and future. The sea of information available can cause procrastination, anxiety, and confusion. You have radio talk-show hosts, a relative, or your tax person giving you advice. What should you do? How do you decide? Sometimes you need a skilled knowledgeable guide! Let Franklin help silence the financial chatter and see you flourish financially!


Working with Franklin Cooley III provides you the unique opportunity to strategize for your success. Franklin, along with his professional team, will work with you to envision a superior financial future, then help you build towards that future. Franklin does this by showing you a clear picture of where you are today and listening to your concerns for tomorrow, to meet all your financial goals. This includes building wealth, ensuring your money is protected, maximizing retirement income, and the legacy you leave to your family and community. By recognizing your desires and spotting the things that must change, he and his team can help you build financial wealth as you create richer lives for yourselves and your families.


We live in a society built on “doing it yourself” - DIY. And it works in some areas of life. But it is not working in people’s finances when 57% of Americans retire with less than $25,000*. Franklin takes an uncommon approach towards helping his clients achieve long-term financial success. Breaking away from the traditional model, Franklin creates a personalized plan beginning with a thorough understanding of his clients’ current situation. Then he helps them concretely envision “a good life for the rest of their life.” Only after understanding his clients’ current situation, goals, and aspirations for the future is he able to offer step by step guidance towards building that future.

Earned Success

Franklin focused most of the early years of his career in giving back to his community and helping the individuals within them flourish. His passion for helping his community led him to Pacific Advisors where a deep passion for giving back and assisting in financial strategies is held at its core. Bright people realize the value of getting quality help, which is why many of them rely on Franklin and his team here at Pacific Advisors to help them with their financial futures. Building secure financial futures often includes areas such as tailored retirement income strategies, tax-reduction strategies, investments, life insurance planning, and effective asset allocation and coordination.

Commitment to Education

Franklin invests in himself to provide value to his clients. This is most evident in his commitment to ongoing education. He believes that only by keeping ahead of the fast-paced changes in our economy can he be of optimum value to his clients. In addition to his education and professional experience, Franklin is working towards a major industry designation.


Franklin was born and raised in San Diego, California. He went to Northern Arizona University, where he studied business and received a scholarship to play basketball there. He worked primarily in the sporting industry, with a focus on planned giving to the younger generations, before becoming a full-time financial specialist. Franklin continues to live in San Diego county and regularly gives back to his community. He is involved in volunteering at local nonprofits, as well as volunteering at youth sports such as basketball and golf to help show future generations the importance of teamwork and never-ending growth in every endeavor of life.

Franklin Cooley III CA Insurance License #4018681, Agent of Pacific Advisors LLC, an agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ® (Guardian), New York, NY.