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Kristin Niedermeyer

Financial Advisor 

(408) 392-7836

About Kristin

Kristin empowers her clients to be proactive in building a strong financial foundation to ensure a lasting good life for the people they care about most.

Many of her clients are good savers, however they are burdened by high taxes, the rising cost of living and many other financial threats.

She offers leadership and financial education that helps restore financial balance to their lives and focuses on reducing threats that drain wealth.

The Process:

  • Completes a thorough review of their financial picture including benefits, cash flow, insurance, investments, debt and legal documents.
  • Helps them recapture money lost on their balance sheet because of uncoordinated strategies.
  • Teaches them to manage their money by controlling the “controllables”. She gives them the tools to become masters of their own cash flow and to make money decisions that are balanced and coordinated.
  • Helps them discover and understand products that are uniquely suited to them. This enables them to potentially maximize their wealth over time without taking more risk than necessary to achieve the fulfillment of their goals
  • Employs a team of financial professionals both within Pacific Advisors as well as other professionals such as tax, legal or insurance specialists as resources for her clients.

Planning is a process not an event. For this reason, Kristin is committed to working with her clients as their lives evolve, their business and families grow, and their financial picture changes.

Our Financial Services

Specializing in Estate Planning, Charitable Planning and Retirement Planning for executives, professionals, and small business owners.

Our Business Services

Employee Benefits, Executive Benefit Planning, Key Person Planning, Qualified Retirement Plans, Deferred Compensation Planning & Buy/Sell and Buy-Out Planning

Our Insurance Services

Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance & Group Health Insurance.


A good life in any moment is simple to enjoy; a good life for the rest of our lives requires a plan. 

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At Pacific Advisors, we help you get financially organized and make better-informed decisions and practices. You'll get a wide-angle view of your business, personal, and protected finances, allowing you to adapt as your circumstances and desires change. We offer a web tool called the Living Balance Sheet®. This tool makes it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar you earn, so you can make decisions toward achieving improved financial balance. 

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