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Pacific Advisors Expands Presence in the Bay Area with Brandon Au as Managing Partner

Pacific Advisors Expands Presence in the Bay Area with Brandon Au as Managing Partner

December 06, 2023

San Francisco, CA – December 2023 – Pacific Advisors is thrilled to announce the expansion of its operations in the San Francisco Bay Area with the appointment of Brandon Au as Managing Partner of Pacific Advisors of San Francisco. Brandon joined the firm earlier this year in May, bringing with him over two decades of leadership experience in small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. 

Pacific Advisors, with a history dating back to 1862, has established itself as a leading financial services firm serving more than 60,000 clients nationwide1.  The company boasts a team of over 150 advisors and specialists, 2,000+ active brokers, and a dedicated support staff. Pacific Advisors is committed to delivering comprehensive financial solutions, leveraging its access to a wide range of financial planning, investment, insurance, retirement, and enterprise products and services. 

With a mission to help individuals achieve financial freedom and support a good life, Pacific Advisors is committed to fostering a unique culture that prioritizes clients' interests, community engagement, teamwork, innovation, and exceptional problem-solving. Brandon's alignment with these core values makes him an ideal fit for the firm. 

Brandon's journey to Pacific Advisors from his previous role at MassMutual was driven by a deep appreciation for the firm's culture. He shares, "Culture is very big to me. I think that in a world where we are all about numbers, being in the financial world, it's often challenging to create an environment where you genuinely care about the people. Pacific Advisors' culture aligns with the way I envision my career." 

In his role as Managing Partner, Brandon will focus on expanding the firm, attracting top talent, and leveraging his years of industry experience to coach and develop financial advisors. He strongly believes that entrepreneurship is key to success in the financial services industry and aims to guide advisors in building their businesses. 

Brandon's diverse background in finance, real estate development, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions at major firms like PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch uniquely positions him to contribute to the growth and success of Pacific Advisors. 

"I feel like we have the best of both worlds," says Brandon. "We have the support and infrastructure of a big company, yet we allow our advisors to function with independence. I can add value by incorporating my experiences in entrepreneurship and finance to help advisors build their businesses effectively."  

Outside of his professional life, Brandon is passionate about making a positive impact on the community. He enjoys outdoor activities, travel, and actively engaging with others. Pacific Advisors enables him to apply his entrepreneurial mindset to create positive change while having fun. 

Pacific Advisors' expansion in the Bay Area with Brandon Au as Managing Partner represents a significant step toward providing clients with financial guidance, personalized service, and a commitment to lasting financial freedom. 

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1Includes owners of in force life, disability income and long-term care insurance policies as well as all securities accounts.2023-164900 Exp. 11/25