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My mission is to help coach business owners and professionals to thrive in a challenging climate. I work with my clients so that they are not acting alone, and instead have someone with a shared responsibility to focus on the long term. By taking the time to discuss your fears, hopes and aspirations we can create a financial plan that addresses challenges and supports the life you want to live. Aligning your values with money goals leads to financial clarity, a sense of control and ultimately financial confidence.


I have a specialty in helping recently-graduated dentists and physicians. As many of my clients graduate with a large debt load, we work together to strike the optimal balance between paying down student loan debt and saving for the future. Medical and dental schools focus largely on clinical skills while providing little guidance on the business aspects of practicing medicine. For this reason, I have found medical practitioners to be particularly hungry for a financial education to compliment the opportunities that are created by their highly specialized knowledge of medicine. Thanks to technology and the flexibility of web meetings, I am able to serve my clients all across the country.

Earned Success

With a career spanning over 15 years, I have worked with clients during their highs and their lows. Life is very unbalanced for most of us, with seemingly no time to think about, let alone plan, our finances. We find ourselves reacting and coping rather than being proactive at a time when our financial health depends more and more on our own initiative and decision making. Because most of us feel like we can only do what is in front of us, it is my job as your Advisor to help you focus on the long term. To me, financial planning is not just about money, cash flow, taxes and risk management - it is about providing financial confidence so that you can appreciate and enjoy your life on your own terms.


I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and after living in New York City for a few years following college, my wife Kathryn and I settled in Nyack, NY, with our two boys, Nate and Charlie. In 2014 we decided to move out West to be closer to family and we now live in beautiful Encinitas, CA. We love taking advantage of the amazing climate by going on hiking and camping trips with friends and family. I also enjoy helping out with Nate's baseball games, seeing live music as much as possible, practicing yoga and playing guitar.

Commitment to Education

I earned my Bachelor of Arts from The College of William and Mary in 1999. In addition to meeting the base requirements for our industry I am also a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®). This additional level of education enables me to better serve the needs of my diverse client base. The continuing education requirements that are part of the designation allow me to be of optimum value to my clients by keeping pace with the fast-paced changes in our economy.


At Pacific Advisors, we combine decades of collective knowledge and a time-tested process to help you and your family craft a plan of action for financially producing and supporting a good life for the rest of your life. We call this plan your Path of Confidence™. At the end of the day, each of us is doing our best to live a good life. While money is no assurance of a good life, not having enough money for lifelong financial success certainly threatens a good life. 

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Optimizing the financial strategies of your business is one of the most powerful things you can do to secure life-long financial sufficiency and your legacy. We work with owners at all stages of the business lifecycle, from assisting the new business owner with establishing a sound financial foundation to helping ensure smooth business succession and transition into retirement. 

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