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Gain entrepreneurial skills and a foundation for a rewarding career

This highly immersive and development-packed program provides you the chance to see if running your own financial services practice could be in your future and allows you to earn commissions on sales you make throughout your internship. 

For the right person, a career as a Financial Representative with Pacific Advisors allows you to experience entrepreneurship with support and make a difference in peoples’ lives while achieving your own professional and financial goals. 

Our internship offers the freedom to build and run a financial services practice with the support of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®, a Fortune 250 Company, behind you. Through our internship program, you’ll be doing the day-to-day work of a financial professional, with guidance and mentorship in developing the skills necessary to build a thriving business. Plus, you’ll have a foundation that allows for a fast start should you decide to pursue this path full-time.

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As a Financial Representative Intern, you will:

  • Gain a realistic understanding of the career and real-world experience.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to become successful in the industry.
  • Have the ability to take advantage of compensation options while continuing your education and preparing for graduation.
  • Take advantage of the “head-start” to building a practice once contracted as a Financial Representative.
  • Have the opportunity to “try out” a career in financial services, mentored by experienced financial representatives, wealth managers, and financial advisors.

Who You Are

  • A self‐motivated individual with a confident personality, high integrity, and a strong desire to succeed

  • Passionate about cultivating long-term relationships to help others reach their goals

  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial, and looking for career growth and development

Who We Are

Our history dates back to 1862, with the first West-coast office of Guardian; today Pacific Advisors serves more than 60,000 clients throughout the country. Our team is comprised of more than 150 advisors and specialists, 2,000+ active brokers, dozens of staff, and an international network of resources and support. Helping people financially produce and support a good life for the rest of their lives. At Pacific Advisors, we know that a good life is enjoyed one moment at a time. While a good life may look different to each of us, the opportunity to live a good life well into the future requires uncommon care and steadfast commitment. 

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Our internship opportunity allows you to control your time, your income and your own destiny. You’ll have tremendous satisfaction knowing that you are building your own practice and helping your clients protect their financial future. In addition, you’ll enjoy unlimited earning potential based on commitment, time, and effort invested in the work you’ll do.

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Ambition, high energy, and excellent interpersonal skills

Confidence and resiliency

Strong desire to make a difference

Integrity and strong work ethic

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