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The Living Balance Sheet®

We endeavor to go beyond the one-time transaction that leaves people hoping for the best. Instead we provide ongoing commitment and insight throughout your financial journey.

<br data-mce-bogus="1"><br data-mce-bogus="1">Confidence Begins with Organization

Confidence Begins with Organization

Even when a person has all their records in order, they may still be financially disorganized. Many people take a compartmentalized approach to making financial decisions, treating each decision separately as if it had no effect on other areas of their finances. They don’t focus on the big picture.

The result? They end up with strategies at odds with one another and fail to create a positive overall impact.


At Pacific Advisors, we use The Living Balance Sheet® to help coordinate your financial reports in order to gain more effective insights to your decisions and strategies. Your financial data is regularly updated so you always know where you stand.

You get a wide-angle view of your finances, allowing you to adapt as your circumstances and desires change in order to achieve the best possible results. This makes it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar you earn, so you can make decisions toward achieving improved financial balance.

Personalized Care

Personalized Care

As your financial advisors, our first job is to help you protect your current position of wealth. Then we work with you to create a roadmap for the achievement and protection of your full narrative of wealth.

Once the plan is clear we begin to conservatively advance toward it, never taking more risk than necessary to help achieve the fulfillment of your narrative. At Pacific Advisors, we go beyond providing ordinary financial guidance and investment services for businesses and individuals. Our team focuses on your unique needs; and then we design customized strategies to help meet those needs.

With this new approach, you have the power to:

  • Address financial risk and exposure
  • Enhance asset performance
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses and risks
  • Build savings
  • Enhance your lifestyle

For Families and Individuals

For Business Owners

The Living Balance Sheet® is Guardian’s electronic wealth organizational platform designed to help you take appropriate actions to achieve your desired results. The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS) and the LBS logo are service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. © Copyright 2005-2021 Guardian.