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Sandra A. Williams

Financial Representative 

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Are you a solopreneur or entrepreneur? Have you started up and run more than one company at the same time? Does your business produce at least the minimum benefits of a J-O-B, like a regular income, savings for retirement, life, health and disability insurance, and sick days and vacation time?

Do you have a plan in place to take action if the worst happens - you passed or were disabled and couldn’t work, to the not-so-worst but still bad events - like business falling off or shutting down during COVID, getting hospitalized with COVID, or market volatility?

These questions are important because the decisions you make now can significantly impact your enjoyment of retirement - the ultimate test of how financially secure you and your family are. Once you no longer earn an income, all you usually have left is your breathing money, like Social Security, pensions, and other income streams that only pay while you are alive, and financial and non-financial assets that you plan to transform into money to live on. Are you ready for this? What will be the impact to your loved ones’ lifestyle once you pass? Will your money last longer than you do? Will you leave the legacy you desire? Do you have enough to splurge on yourself and your family for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences and events?

We focus on what you can control to help give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your personal, business, financial, and legacy goals, while mitigating risks on what you can’t control. Our clients say they love working with us because we listen, focus on their goals, guide them to achieve those goals, and educate them on significant issues so they can see the big picture of expected outcomes. Part of our planning process builds in conversations to accommodate changes to your goals as situations change and events happen.

Sandy has walked in your shoes and understands the pressures of making key decisions having long term implications to her future self and family with little education on the issues and conflicting advice from trusted advisors. She hasn’t just worked with her client’s advisors, she has also worked with her own for over 20 years in multiple closely-held service businesses. She has worn the hat of COO, CFO, admin, qualified plan administrator, bookkeeper, tax preparation, contracts – all the roles that business owner–operators fill.

She and her husband come from a long line of entrepreneurs and have seen, up close and personal, the results of poor financial planning on business owners and their families who have been impacted by unfortunate events, whether that be a big-box store moving in and decimating their customer base, no call-backs on meetings when trying to sell their services, robbery of business funds, to a business owner’s death by heart attack. She knows the devasting impact this can have on you and your family’s future.

If you willing to work together keep your promises to your loved ones, protecting your family and achieving your goals, we would love meeting you.

About Sandy

Financial planning is Sandy’s third career. Her first career was as a Fleet Support Officer in the U.S. Navy where she worked in technology, including operating and managing data and message (classified and unclassified) centers, financial computer centers, and wargaming systems. She retired as a Lieutenant Commander. Her second career is as a business owner in which she handles day-to-day operations, including qualified plans, business taxes, and contracts. It was as a business owner that she became aware of the lack of comprehensive planning available to business owners. As she worked with trusted advisors, including attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and insurance agents, she found some of their advice on the same issues conflicted, due to incompatible outcomes from each expert.

Her career and educational experiences focus her on helping clients co-create financial outcomes, based not only on science and math, but the emotional side as well. She has a diverse educational background, earning her BS (Biology) from Loma Linda University; BGS (Computer Science) from Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois; MBA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and MS (Operations Research) from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. She earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation, has her Series 7 and Series 65, and is working on additional industry accreditation.

Sandy’s husband, Dave, retired as a Major from the U.S. Army and she understands the unique situations that a military two-career family faces when making retirement decisions. Her valuable insight and experience help make the journey of military retirement a little easier.

Throughout the years, Sandy has realized that life does not stay the same. Goals, circumstances, health, finances – they all change over time. She and her team develop flexible plans to protect and grow your financial wealth, recognizing that adjustments due to expected and unexpected changes are likely to occur.

Fun fact: Sandy has visited over 36 countries and loves to travel with her family and experience unique sights and experiences. As with a financial journey, travel starts with a plan, and it helps tremendously to be prepared. Two of her most memorable experiences involve hiking: climbing Mt. Fuji on a whim and hiking The Narrows (Utah) in one day.


A good life in any moment is simple to enjoy; a good life for the rest of our lives requires a plan.

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At Pacific Advisors, we help you get financially organized and make better-informed decisions and practices. You'll get a wide-angle view of your business, personal, and protected finances, allowing you to adapt as your circumstances and desires change. We offer a web tool called the Living Balance Sheet®. This tool makes it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar you earn, so you can make decisions toward achieving improved financial balance.

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